The birth of a baby challenges a mother in many High Quality Rugs factory ways.Maintain a healthy and balanced diet: Eat healthily and on time to keep up your energy levels.12 tips for a healthy motherhood It is important to take care of oneself, especially during the early months after delivery.. The boost and bounce of the brain gym come from activities like crossword, puzzles, sudoku, chess, spot-the-difference, brainvita, etc. If you have helpful relatives who stay nearby, ask them to come over and watch the baby while you can complete your work or just rest.Play-therapy: Playing with your kids is the best form of exercise for the child and the parent. A postpartum doula is a great option. Besides helping with better bonding, it also re-enforces the importance of activity, energy, and stamina. Being a new mom can be highly stressful as it is a 24 x 7 job. Avoid saturated fats such as butter, ready-to-eat-meals, and cheese, instead, choose unsaturated fats such as olive oil and avocados. Eat the right amount of carbohydrates - such as whole wheat bread, pasta, and brown rice - as this will help to keep you going throughout the day. Do not hesitate to call your friends or if you can afford, hire a babysitter to look after the baby.YouTube Utopia: YouTube videos work as a great stress-buster because you can find answers and images to just about anything you need to; be it some pep talk via TedTalks or, your favourite songs and scenes from yesteryears. Even if youre not able to sleep, its helpful to close your eyes and take deep breaths; this will help you relax. You are likely to feel exhausted, excited and worried - all the same time - about the baby and that is why you tend to be stressed. In fact, creative exercises have therapeutic value.